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Homesteading Fuel

When we think of homesteading, we often think of  hard work and the simple pleasures.  Two essential ingredients in our homestead  are coffee and beer.  One gets the day going and the other pushes you to get to the finish line.  The thought of an ice cold beer as a reward will get you through… Continue reading Homesteading Fuel

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Wood Heat, You Will Never Go Back To Oil

Yes folks, it's that time of year.  The weather outside is frightful, the days are short, and the wood stove is cranking.  Looking through a frosty window pane, we stare out at our garden covered in snow, and think about how nice it is to be warm. Only fellow homesteaders know that winter time is… Continue reading Wood Heat, You Will Never Go Back To Oil

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Tools Make The Homestead

When we think about homesteading we always think of images of chickens and fall harvests.  We rarely see pictures of the tools that make homesteading possible.  No two homesteads are alike, and neither are their tools.  What makes homesteading great is that you get to do it your own way.  You can choose your own… Continue reading Tools Make The Homestead

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A Lesson in Wood Shavings

On a cold February day,  my son Luke and I set out to make an ax handle. In the process, we received an unexpected lesson.  In a world with Home Depot and Amazon, we give little thought to buying the things we need.  The things we need are always at our fingertips, or at most… Continue reading A Lesson in Wood Shavings

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Firewood the story of the Holzhaufen

  Years ago when I was a kid, my parents installed a wood stove in our house.  We always had a fireplace but this was just a bit different. For one, it actually heated the house.  I'm sure it offset our heating bill in some way, but I was too young to care about that. … Continue reading Firewood the story of the Holzhaufen