What’s in the garden

It was another great year of gardening and preserving here on the homestead.  We were able to preserve enough vegetables to keep us stocked through the winter.  Our fall crops of lettuce and kale are still producing.  We hope to do even more blogs about our gardening experiences next season.


Plants are finally going into the ground.  The green house produced some beautiful plants this year.  We are using feedbags as weed blocker, and they can be tilled into the soil in the fall.



Although the weather won’t cooperate, we are still making progress on the homestead.  Cold weather crops have moved outside, and asparagus is slowly poking its head out of the ground .



The snow has finally melted and we have finally been able to move some of our seedlings to the green house.  Right now we have lettuce, kale, broccoli, cabbage, and even a few peas in the green house.  We look forward to moving our tomatoes and peppers from the grow light to the greenhouse.  Potatoes have been set out to begin sprouting as well.  So much happens behind the scenes on the homestead.





Spring is on the way and we have planted our first seeds of the year.  We planted many varieties of peppers.  We also planted collards, kale and lettuce.

Every year we grow many things in our garden. We are always experimenting with different varieties of vegetables. Right now it is snowy here so the garden is quiet but here is the garden in early summer.



In the left picture you can see all of our beans. We grow enough beans to get us through the whole winter. We also grow beans for drying to save freezer space.  The dry beans we grow are excellent in chili and soup. In the right picture you can see the garden in the spring just look at all that garlic we finally have been able to get more than 100 bulbs in the ground so hopefully this summer we can offer some for sale.