Wood Heat, You Will Never Go Back To Oil

17 thoughts on “Wood Heat, You Will Never Go Back To Oil”

  1. Well written, interesting story about heating with wood from the perspective of a transplanted urbanite embracing and adjusting to the challenges and rewards of doing more with less and building self-reliance while living a very rewarding country life.

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  2. Nothin short of spectacular from TBH. Great blog. Thank you for sharing this life with us. I love yall’s lives. What a blessing!


  3. Yes, we’re fans of wood heat as well! We go through nine to ten cords a winter as we’re off the grid in Canada’s subarctic – so it’s cold in the winter. Like you, we didn’t grow up learning how to split it – or even how to load a wood stove! Beautiful pictures – looks like you have a lovely set up there! Found you via the Homestead Blog Hop.


    1. Is imagine it’s a little colder than upstate newyork there . You are right knowing when to load the stove what wood lasts through the night better are things I’d never thought of when our initial decision was made. The blog hop is awesome I’ve met lots of interesting people through it


  4. I’m from Canada too, but Coastal BC. No way near as cold as Sarita in the sub-Arctic. We live in an off grid floating cabin and heat with wood. That’s our only choice. My husband and I do all the wood cutting and splitting from driftwood on our lake that comes in during high water times. The best birthday present I got was an electric log splitter that runs off our generator. No more old school and ringing ears for me. – Margy


  5. Love it. Went from a Craftsman 16″ bar to a Stihl MS311. I asked the local loggers directly about which chainsaw to buy and they told me after they stopped laughing at the one I had. They said Husqvarna or Stihl, both great saws. After splitting wood with an 8lb maul for a few years, I went and bought a Homelite 5 ton electric log splitter, best investment I made for my back. Winter is my favorite season because the wood is in, and we can enjoy it.


      1. I stopped at 40. However, I still pull out the maul for the ones that the splitter can’t get. I think I am aging before my time. Living off grid is hard work, but I love it.


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