Firewood the story of the Holzhaufen

18 thoughts on “Firewood the story of the Holzhaufen”

      1. I have a smaller stove – we’re in GA and burn around a chord (it’s our first year and we’ve been tearing up the woodpile this winter) – and I cut my lengths shorter. Wonder if I could get away with something a little shorter.

        Something to try, and if I end up with excess I can always sell it.

        I assume it’s all split wood as you get truck loads?


      2. It will definitely be easier to stack if it is shorter you may need to use a couple of saplings across the whole thing about halfway up to hold it together the shorter logs may not have enough friction to stay together. good luck


  1. My hubby and I were just talking this week about getting ourselves a wood stove for the house! Though it may still be a dream that will be a year or two in the making. I showed him the pictures of your Holzhaufens, and I think we just may need to try this technique when we do start heating with wood.
    – Christine


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