Raising Ducks in a Chicken’s World

29 thoughts on “Raising Ducks in a Chicken’s World”

  1. We don’t have animals ourselves (yet), but from the reading I’ve done, I’ve heard that ducks are quieter than chickens. You mentioned they were noisier as babies, but what is your experience overall? (We have neighbors nearby, and if we were to get one or the other, we’d want to choose the quieter option.)


      1. Haha it must depend on the breed how much quacking they do because two of ours (Welsh Harlequin and blue Swedish) are very talkative and actually are nicknamed our little alarm clocks because they quack loudly in the early morning waiting for us to come out and let them out of their run to free range 🙂


    1. I am sorry I didn’t respond quicker I just saw this I have never looked into harlequins ducks for us were an impulse buy haha but we do love all of the eggs . I would bet that herding is fun my ducks are always like one mass they are so funny

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  2. It took us a while but we eventually learned that as long as we did not give our ducks access to their feed throughout the day while they were free-ranging, they were happy to come back to their run in the evenings (I agree they’re absolutely terrible to try to round up otherwise!). They are always kept in a covered run at night – the coop is inside the run and that way if we go out of town for the weekend they at least have a little bit of space to walk around without having to worry about predators. We have no plans on eating our ducks but love the eggs they give us – not to mention that it’s hovering around freezing today and we still get at least two eggs a day from our four 🙂


      1. Yeah they probably buried them pretty deep wherever they are 🙂 we were doing what we affectionately call “the Frankenstein walk” to try to get them back into their Coop and it was just a nightmare and this made all the difference since they’re grown and they eat plenty all day long when they’re free ranging 🙂 plus I think they remember who’s boss a bit more this way as well haha


  3. I don’t homestead but have 5 acres of a mess of a property I’m renovating. My little ducks are hilarious! And their poop and slug eating skills are very useful. I have one Khaki, 2 mallards a Pekin and an Indian runner. 9 weeks and no eggs yet.

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