Raising Meat Chickens, you will never go back to store-bought again!

22 thoughts on “Raising Meat Chickens, you will never go back to store-bought again!”

  1. We have our first lot of hatching eggs in te incubator now and the goal is to breed and sell the eggs, and of course eat the eggs as well. But I know the day will come when we eat our chickens, and I’m pretty nervous about it! Keeping in mind, up until recently I was a vegetarian for nine years, and I struggle to keep the disconnect of “for food” and “animal friend”.
    Reading this is helpful. Knowing I’m not the only one who will faulted before plunging in and eating a home raised bird helps me know that I’ll probably be able to get there in the end!


      1. Thank you! Like I said, we’re nowhere near ready to be slaughtering anything, but I’ll be keeping a close eye on your blog and I’ll be sure to pester you with any questions! 🙂


  2. Wonderful post! We’re planning to raise our own meat birds too, but probably not until next year (just trying to get our feet under us this year). Do they need a roost like egg-laying hens or can they even get up off the ground?


      1. I appreciate it. Potential predators have been the main reason for hesitation to this point. I literally live on a bayou in south Louisiana and worry that the snakes may get to the birds.


  3. How did you butcher them? I’m interested in the method you used, but also how you kept it very quick and the chickens unaware of what was happening to other chickens! I’m pretty sure I could wield the axe, but I’m concerned about butchering half a dozen of them without any of them being terrorized.


    1. We use a hatchet which is very quick we butcher them away from where the coop is so the other birds don’t see. We carry them upside down by the feet which seems to calm them after a minute then put their heads on the block. It’s important to hold them away from the block after you kill them or they will break their wings on it when they flap them . I’ve never tried killing cones but I hear they work well too


  4. First time chicken parent! We have some Cornish rocks and they are losing their feathers and look so gross. Is that normal? It’s only them we have 3 egg layers that are chicks yet and 2 ducks and none of them are losing feathers so o don’t think it’s mites or anything else like that. Just wondering if youve had that before.

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    1. We had trouble with our first chickens pulling out each other’s feathers so we moved them to a larger area where they could get away from each other it seemed to help I have never had them lose them
      From disease hope this helps god lick our meat birds are very ugly when they transition to feathering out


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