Pumpkin Soup, How to Make Great Use of Those Leftover Pumpkins


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It’s that time of year when we realize that we have a lot of un-used pumpkins laying around. Halloween has passed and with Thanksgiving upon us, it will be the last time we see pumpkins in season until next fall.

A few years ago, I started making pumpkin pie with our home grown pumpkins. There is nothing wrong with using canned pumpkin from the store, we just prefer to use our own home-grown food whenever possible. Trust me, this is another one of those things that once you have a pumpkin pie made completely from scratch, you will never go back. So each year, after our pumpkins are harvested, I have gotten into the habit of seeding, roasting and freezing pumpkin for future pies, quick breads and today’s venture, pumpkin soup! Let me share the process with you:

Run the pumpkin under cool water to remove any dirt or debris.

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