Homesteading Fuel

When we think of homesteading, we often think of  hard work and the simple pleasures.  Two essential ingredients in our homestead  are coffee and beer.  One gets the day going and the other pushes you to get to the finish line.  The thought of an ice cold beer as a reward will get you through the last chores of the day.  A warm mug of coffee will make those chicken waterers seem lighter in the morning.  These simple pleasures are as much a part of our homestead as pigs and chickens.


On cold winter mornings a fresh cup of coffee in one of our favorite mugs gets us moving.  we actually have a central garden post that we leave it on.  We pass this post several times during our morning chores.  Each time we take a satisfying warm sip.      On warmer days, we may even linger and take stock of the homestead while enjoying our brew.  We fresh grind our coffee every morning in an old Arcade coffee grinder, the sound and smell bring back memories of my Aunt’s house as a child.

Some of our favorite coffee beans are Kona, Jamaican Blue Mountain, and Ethiopian.  I am sure one of these days we will attempt to roast our own.  Coffee is not just great for chores, it is also wonderful for a pick me up while planning.  A Thermos full of coffee is also a must while ice fishing.   We enjoy coffee everyday !!

If coffee is what gets the homestead moving, then beer (or wine or whiskey) is what pushes it across the finish line.  At the end of a long hard day, the reward of a beer is the carrot that you are chasing.  There is something about sitting exhausted with an ice cold beer that just feels right.  A friend of ours from Instagram calls them chore beers and I think she is totally right.

Sometimes beer isn’t just a reward for the end of a job, sometimes its what gets the job done.  Mowing the lawn with a cold beer is heaven.  You are sort of doing work, but not really. People in my neighborhood often comment on how good my lawn looks because I love mowing with my beer so much.

Many other homestead tasks are better with a beverage.  Making sausage becomes a joke fest after a few drinks. Making maple syrup, or cooking dinner can be relaxing with a glass of wine.  Other times we just want to sit and relax and talk about our plans.

Because we love homesteading we also love homemade libations.  Homemade beer made with the hops we grow or homemade wine from our vineyard not only taste good they give us a sense of accomplishment.  Home made whiskey is a good cure for a cold, or a hot toddy will warm you up on a cold afternoon.

I hate to admit it but sometimes we watch reality T.V. like The Real Housewives or Below Deck. Watching these shows calls for our signature cocktail, a spicy vodka pickletini.  We of course make it with spicy homemade pickles. It makes you feel extra fancy while watching all of those rich ladies fight.

Sometimes life on the homestead throws you curve balls.   Sometimes the pigs escape, or the truck breaks down.  It can be stressful getting things harvested, canned or frozen.  Your back can hurt from splitting all that wood.  So reward yourself with an icy chore beer or warm yourself up with that second cup of coffee, you earned it.  Cheers!!!


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