Ice Fishing, it’s a Family Affair

12 thoughts on “Ice Fishing, it’s a Family Affair”

  1. That sounds very fun! Ice fishing isn’t big here, our lakes rarely get frozen enough and stay that way. I am not sure why because we have cold winter temps – maybe just not cold enough long enough. There are a couple of ponds that my husband has taken the kids to ice fish on a few times over the years. But it is more of a special event than something that happens often. And the ponds only have small fish in them, so it doesn’t provide much food because most are thrown back.

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    1. We usually get a few months of fishing in sometimes we will have 2 feet of ice other years only 10” just depends on Mother Nature I bet the kids love the times they have been able to get out my guys really love every minute of it have a merry Christmas

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  2. I am so glad that photo of the ice fishing caught my eye and I came to check it out.. great post, nice video’s and look forward to reading more.. we have ice fishing up here in Ontario and lots of it, but most everyone has huts, its gets cold out there.



        I am kind of cheating, I am linking to two of the local fishing sites that give lots of detail on the most common areas that we do get out to.. We are lucky enough to have the south nation river within walking distance of the farm as well as the black water creek (its harder to get into then the south) but in two weeks we are heading up to bon eco area to visit friends and we will be heading out on their lake.. always great fun.. I do like your idea of finding the fish.. its very clever and I can see if greatly increasing the catch..


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