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Ice Fishing, it’s a Family Affair

Winter on the homestead is always a time to reflect on the last growing season.  It is also a time to plan next years adventures, but most of all for us its a time to fish.  Ice fishing has been a part of our winters for as long as I can remember. It has always… Continue reading Ice Fishing, it’s a Family Affair


Sometimes Happiness Looks A Lot Like A Pig

sure miss having the pigs around

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Sometimes things just happen for a reason.   Last fall we had our first set of pigs butchered.  Our first time raising pigs was very rewarding, and all the meat in the freezer was a great reward.  However, I was feeling a little blue without them on the homestead.  They gave me so much joy and without them around things were a little boring.  One day while looking at Facebook, I saw that my neighbor had a post that said there was a pig loose.  We live on the edge of a small village and a pig running around was a first for us.  My son, wife, and I went to investigate, and sure enough there was a spotted pig running around.  We tried to catch him, and soon realized that he belonged to another neighbor who erroneously thought he could keep a pig in a small dog kennel.  Finally we…

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Cooking, Collecting, and Connecting to Cast Iron

Vollrath #3 When you put so much energy into growing your own food you want to make sure it tastes great when you cook it.  We discovered long ago that all foods taste better when cooked in cast iron.  Whether its a skillet, dutch oven, or a griddle, cast iron always gives that food a… Continue reading Cooking, Collecting, and Connecting to Cast Iron