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Spring on the Homestead it’s the little things that can get you ahead

If you are anything like us, you can’t wait for spring to arrive after a long winter.  Although the temps are still chilly, there is so much you can do to get ahead of all the work that will pile up when the real warm weather arrives.  There are many days in early spring where we feel like there isn’t

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Sometimes Happiness Looks A Lot Like A Pig

Sometimes things just happen for a reason.   Last fall we had our first set of pigs butchered.  Our first time raising pigs was very rewarding, and all the meat in the freezer was a great reward.  However, I was feeling a little blue without them on the homestead.  They gave me so much joy and without them around things were

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Planting Potatoes to Save Freezer Space

Homesteading is all about food.  Being self-sufficient should just be called surviving because that what the first homesteaders were doing.  They were not trying to shrink their “carbon footprint”, or save “green space”, they were trying to harvest enough food to make it through the winter.  After winter was over, and if they made it, they started all over again. 

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