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Embracing the Spring

Sometimes the season of hope can feel like the season of too much to do.  When the days start to warm, and the snow is all gone, ideas conceived over a warm cup of coffee can seem daunting, when the real work begins.  One of the first signs of true spring here is the end… Continue reading Embracing the Spring

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Ice Fishing, it’s a Family Affair

Winter on the homestead is always a time to reflect on the last growing season.  It is also a time to plan next years adventures, but most of all for us its a time to fish.  Ice fishing has been a part of our winters for as long as I can remember. It has always… Continue reading Ice Fishing, it’s a Family Affair

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How to make fishcakes and memories

If you have read our blog before, you know that we love to start new traditions.  Several years ago my sons and I started one of my favorite traditions.  Every year during the ice fishing season we try to catch enough fish to feed us through all of the Fridays during Lent.  We don't eat… Continue reading How to make fishcakes and memories