Homesteading Fuel

two branches homestead

When we think of homesteading, we often think of  hard work and the simple pleasures.  Two essential ingredients in our homestead  are coffee and beer.  One gets the day going and the other pushes you to get to the finish line.  The thought of an ice cold beer as a reward will get you through the last chores of the day.  A warm mug of coffee will make those chicken waterers seem lighter in the morning.  These simple pleasures are as much a part of our homestead as pigs and chickens.


On cold winter mornings a fresh cup of coffee in one of our favorite mugs gets us moving.  we actually have a central garden post that we leave it on.  We pass this post several times during our morning chores.  Each time we take a satisfying warm sip.      On warmer days, we may even linger and take…

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