Home made pasta and venison stir fry

two branches homestead

Here on the homestead we like to take advantage of all the things that we harvest and grow. Our dinners are often made without store bought ingredients.  This meal is no exception. Our family had a good year hunting so venison is abundant, this makes us search for new and creative ways to prepare it. If you don’t like venison this recipe will change your mind.

making the pasta

Unfortunately we do not have a way to make mass quantities of flour on the homestead. This year we did make some blue corn flour which i’m sure we will use later this winter.  To make our pasta we start by making a basic pasta dough using our kitchen aid mixer and dough hook.

pasta dough recipe

4 cups of flour

1 tsp salt

4 eggs (from our chickens and ducks)

2 tbs of olive oil


In the mixer, blend…

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