How to Grow Garlic and Save America

13 thoughts on “How to Grow Garlic and Save America”

  1. Man if my grandmother were still alive she would love you, she put liberal (pun intended) amounts of garlic in just about anything she cooked and though not a complainer, she would complain about any cooking lacking the ingredient. On a different note, I have read in the past that garlic is good for fighting infections, I am no scientists so I have no support for that claim, but if true it may be even more useful for you on your homestead. Thanks for the info.

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  2. Planting garlic is always something I wanted to do. My former mother in law used to plant 500 cloves every year, and it all started 35 years previously when she smuggled 2 bulbs of Korean garlic when moving to America. When she passed, my ex let all the Korean ladies in the neighborhood go through her garden, but he neglected to get any (or tell) my daughter (who really wanted to carry on the tradition).

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    1. What an amazing story it’s too bad you couldn’t have gotten at least one clove Ours all started from 5 cloves my friend gave us i find it is sort of nostalgic and I’m sure my ancestors grew garlic wish I had some of that I plan on giving it to my sons as well


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