Homestead Harvesting, When the Real Work Begins

its that time of year it always seems overwhelming but with some persistence you can reap the rewards

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As summer begins to wind down and the warm days of August begin to get shorter, we are blessed with the fruits of our hard labor. Plans made in February have now come to fruition. If we are lucky, large bags of produce begin to come in from the garden.  In some years we have failed crops, which have turned into lessons.  This time of year is a busy time and it is easy to see why our forefathers would have a party or festival after harvest time ends.  A few times of year will test your resolve as much as harvest season, that is why it is important to not only have a plan, but to posses the skills needed to make the most of your harvest.  Another consideration is space for your freshly grown food.  Early on we would often run out of freezer space and/or mason jars. …

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  • More power to you! I actually got tired of picking tomatoes this year and with a full freezer and no time in our work schedules to can, we gave away pounds and pounds of tomatoes before I mostly left them to the 105 degree heat (and thirsty birds.)
    Have you tried dehydrating zucchini slices? One year I had a glut of harvest (usually I struggle with summer squash) and sliced a bunch, dried them, and stored them in a jar for winter soups.

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