Homestead Harvesting, When the Real Work Begins

15 thoughts on “Homestead Harvesting, When the Real Work Begins”

  1. Thanks for this encouragement! I needed this today! I have 4lbs of beans to can and was going to put it off, but now I’ll go ahead and get to work on it. Also, I was feeling that my tomatoes weren’t doing well since I hadn’t had any until this week. So hearing that this is the time was an encouragement.


      1. True. I love canning- we’ve just been busy spending all our free time this summer building a garage on another property we have. So it’s been hard to keep up with everything. But the idea of doing some every day is good. I’ll be trying that whenever we’re not at our build site.


  2. Yes, we are excited to get it finished. It’s 30×40 with a small living area in back. We learned how to install metal roofing. We’ll store pop up camper (set up inside to live in now) and boat but also have a small area to stay in if the camper isn’t set up (I think it won’t fit once we put up the interior wall). It’s been an adventure and a big family project with our sons and my father in law all helping at different times. A great family getaway and our 30yr anniversary to each other!


  3. We live in southeast Texas and had more tomatoes than ever this year. Last December we put in a load of mushroom compoat and tilled it into the garden. It worked well! We had a bumper crop of squash and tomatoes. I made summer squash soup and it was quite good. I have several bags in the freezer gor the winter.


  4. Gorgeous harvest! I love all of your photos..and thank you for the tip about freezing corn in one layer. I didn’t do that this year and I did end up with several massive corn cubes 😂 lesson learned! Happy harvesting!!


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