Rainy Day Pursuits

two branches homestead

We have all been there.  We have big plans for the weekend, and have spent the entire week looking forward to it.  Early in the week, we see a few raindrops for Saturday in the forecast, but we are still hopeful. The chance of rain percentage goes from 30 to 90, and by Friday they are calling for 1″ of rain.  This happened to us this weekend.  We had big plans to go ice fishing for only the second time this year.  The ice has been hovering around 4″ thick, which is just enough.  But with rain coming and temps in the 40s it was not worth taking the risk. We woke up determined to make the most of our day.  So with a nice warm cup of coffee in hand, we made our plans.  We started the day by making some soap. img_8157

We always have the supplies around and…

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