Cooking, Collecting, and Connecting to Cast Iron

6 thoughts on “Cooking, Collecting, and Connecting to Cast Iron”

  1. I love my cast iron. But since I live in a tiny apartment and hope to be in my van/bus soon I can’t keep a lot. I’ve widdled it down to just two: a large dutch over and a large deep skillet, I think it’s 9 or 10. I can use the skillet as a lid for the dutch oven because I don’t have one for it. It makes a nice little oven!. The only other thing I cook with is a nice heavy stainless steel sauce pot. Other than that I’m all cast iron.


      1. I had to make a lid that way. The big dutch oven didn’t have a lid. got it second hand from an amish lady. Instead of paying a bunch of money for an actual lid I just used what I had.

        I’ve actually had more cast iron but since I’m widdling my life and belongings down in order to go tiny I had to pick which ones I really need. I figure I have to have the dutch oven, and I can fry or cook whatever, including corn bread , in the deep skillet. Not sure what they’re actually called but that’s what I call it. Got it also second hand at a flea market. It’s a wagner. I saw it glistening in the sun on the table and was like, holy crap I don’t care how much it costs it’s mine. It was $8. freckin’ dollars! I found it in perfect condition. the dutch oven is a Keilen LTD I think? That’s what it looks like on the bottom of it. Not sure. It’s also very awesome. 😀


      2. I’ve heard that wagner is good. And this particular one is really good. I’ve never heard of keinlen but like you said if it works it works. lol The only ones I don’t really care for are the modern lodge cast iron. The “pre seasoning” is sort of funky. It’s like little pebbles all over the surface.

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