Cooking, Collecting, and Connecting to Cast Iron

tis the season to give cast iron

two branches homestead

Vollrath #3

When you put so much energy into growing your own food you want to make sure it tastes great when you cook it.  We discovered long ago that all foods taste better when cooked in cast iron.  Whether its a skillet, dutch oven, or a griddle, cast iron always gives that food a little extra flavor, and is even a great weight.

We started our journey into cast iron in the way that most do.  We purchased a brand new Lodge skillet and brought it home, with the intent to recreate all of the dishes on the cover of mother earth news.  We learned quickly that cast iron cooking is a different animal.  Skillets need to be seasoned prior to use, and it takes much longer to get them to temperature.  Seasoning is a very straight forward process.  We get the pan warm in the oven and then…

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