Keeping Honey Bees

The closer to spring we get the more I want to see my bees working

two branches homestead


getting started

A few years ago we decided to add honey bees to our homestead.  We had noticed that they were absent from our garden and small orchard.  And after a few years of poor apple crops we decided to take matters into our own hands.  After months of research we took the plunge and ordered our first package of bees. As soon as we placed the order we started getting ready for their arrival.  We picked a site close to the garden and orchard with access to water.  This spot receives sun throughout the day so we knew it would keep them active and also warm in the winter.  We have bears in the area so we built an electric fence with a solar charger, which we were later able to also utilize for our pigs. We then began construction of the hives.


We chose to build our…

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