Keeping Honey Bees

9 thoughts on “Keeping Honey Bees”

  1. Did you order a 3lb package? Italian?

    That hive looks really well made. Did you use a dado for the finger joints?
    Last year I made my brood boxes using 1/2 inch finger joints with a dado.I built the jig for it but didn’t care for the chipping on the cuts. This spring I’ll try a dovetail joiner and see if that works better.
    Certainly interested in a better way if you can offer any tips. Thanks

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    1. Yes 3 lbs I think they were Italian it’s been a few years I made a finger joint jig but used a board behind the board I was cutting to keep it from chipping out my hives are made out of 2x material so I am limited as far as joints can’t even find a finger joint jig that would except material of that size


      1. I made my own finger Joint jig for the hives I made. If I get a chance I’ll take a few pics. Perhaps a blog entry. It should take material up to 4 inches thick I think. It cuts 3/4 inch joints. I did use a backing plate when cutting and still got some chipping. It bothered the heck out of me but, the bees didn’t seem to mind one bit.

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