The tale of Leon the giant pumpkin

its time to think about starting big pumpkins

two branches homestead

When I first started gardening I chose the usual path. Tomatoes , peppers, cucumbers, and squash. I was lucky enough to have success and it wasn’t long before I looked to branch out. Like most of you my garden grew every year. As my garden grew it offered me space to experiment. At first it was some cold weather crops, but soon I began to grow a childhood favorite. Pumpkins had always been something I enjoyed even as a child. So I set out to grow them. The very first year I placed them close you my tomatoes and they took over. I spent the summer fighting through the prickly vines, but I did grow a few beautiful Connecticut field pumpkins. It was so exciting to watch them grow and carve them. The next year I was able to give them some space and they did even better, I was…

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