The Story Of Marge: The Stubborn, and Very Lucky, Pig

thought it would be a nice morning to remember marge’s story

two branches homestead


This is Marge our newest fixture on the homestead. She is one special pig and life here wouldn’t be the same without her. Marge has changed the way we homestead forever, but that was not the plan when we picked her and her brother and sister up from a local farmer. For the last several years we have raised pigs on the homestead. We raise three pigs a year. We typically buy them at about 8 weeks of age, and raise them until they are 7 months old. At seven months, they are just the right size to go to the butcher and provide our family with all of the pork we need for the year. When Marge and her siblings first came to our homestead they were like all the other pigs we had raised. img_8780

After a few weeks they became friendly and enjoyed laying in the shade on…

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