When Life Gets You Down, Give “Dirt Therapy” a try


It’s been kind of a rough week here on the Homestead. We are unfortunately mourning the loss of a family member who we were all very close to. So, instead of succumbing to the sadness, my husband told me I needed “dirt therapy”.

I have heard the term before, even just recently from a family friend, but I have never actively participated in it until yesterday. I have told you a little about myself in previous blogs. I am not the “dirt under your nails” kind of girl. I know, our fellow homesteaders are probably thinking, “what???”

It’s true….I am that person in everyone’s family with the black thumb. I can’t grow anything. I have even been known to be banned from even going in the garden for fear that the plants would see or hear me and just shrivel up and die. I currently have a cactus that I am pretty sure is hanging on for dear life. A cactus! On the contrary, though, my husband, the brains of this crazy operation, can grow anything. Our homestead works because I do the canning, preserving, freezing and cooking. And that makes our relationship truly a match made in heaven.

So, in an effort to feel a little better, I decided to give this “dirt therapy” a try. We have had a little spot for about a year that desperately needed some flowers to spruce it up. I took a trip to our favorite farm and garden center (shout out Frog Pond in Bainbridge, NY), carefully picked out various flowers and returned home.

So after donning my work gloves (remember, girly girl here), I set out on my “dirt therapy” mission. I cleared out the spot, then carefully selected the location of where I wanted to put the plants. Then the digging began. At this point, I am starting to understand this “dirt therapy” thing. I felt myself becoming one with nature and feeling thankful for this life we have created here at Two Branches Homestead.

And, slowly, but surely, my previously blank spot of just dirt became a beautiful reminder that life is precious, to live every day to its fullest, and to hold the hands of those you love tightly. All this realization from just sticking my gloved hands in dirt and experiencing the benefits of “dirt therapy”.


I was even so motivated that I finally potted flowers that were given to me about a month ago and transplanted some basil that was getting out of control in the green house.

So the next time you feel down or just need a little pick me up, give “dirt therapy” a try. I never understood how my husband could spend hours upon hours in the garden, but I certainly understand a little better now of what he is doing in there. It’s not just nurturing and growing our food, he is definitely on to something much bigger.


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