When Life Gets You Down, Give “Dirt Therapy” a try

two branches homestead

It’s been kind of a rough week here on the Homestead. We are unfortunately mourning the loss of a family member who we were all very close to. So, instead of succumbing to the sadness, my husband told me I needed “dirt therapy”.

I have heard the term before, even just recently from a family friend, but I have never actively participated in it until yesterday. I have told you a little about myself in previous blogs. I am not the “dirt under your nails” kind of girl. I know, our fellow homesteaders are probably thinking, “what???”

It’s true….I am that person in everyone’s family with the black thumb. I can’t grow anything. I have even been known to be banned from even going in the garden for fear that the plants would see or hear me and just shrivel up and die. I currently have a cactus that I…

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