Planting onions to save your greens and cabbage

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For years we grew cabbage and other greens in our garden, but we always ended up with the same result.  All of our cabbage and greens would be riddled with worm holes.  It was always so disappointing to remove the outer leaves of a cabbage to find it full of holes, or pick a bunch of spinach, lettuce, or kale that looked like Swiss cheese.  We set out to find an answer that didn’t include pesticides.  After a lot of research we were no closer to an answer.  Finally one day after reading about homesteaders from the 1800’s, we found the answer was onions.  As it turns out many of the bugs that like greens, don’t like onions.  We decided to try it, what did we have to lose?  We planted onion sets in between our greens.  It was also fortuitous that both greens and onions needed to be planted…

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4 thoughts on “Planting onions to save your greens and cabbage”

  1. Thanks for sharing! They look beautiful. We have been using hoop tents successfully for a couple of years now to keep the bugs off our greens. But they are somewhat high maintenance with the wind, etc. So maybe next year I will try this onion method.


      1. We use all purpose garden fabric. It is a good middle-of-the-road protection against light frost (for the plants that need that), but still lets plenty of sun through, and keeps the pests off. So it is good overall for our cold short growing season climate and keeps the bugs off. Before we started using them we had lots of trouble with root maggots in the beets and turnips, leaf miners in the spinach, and cabbage worms on the cabbage.


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