Glass gem corn happiness and beauty

13 thoughts on “Glass gem corn happiness and beauty”

  1. We almost got some of those this year. Did you do anything to keep from cross pollinating with other corn in the area? I’d be interested to hear how this generation turns out. I’m always hesitant to save corn seed, going to try this year though…


    1. I planted them about 75 yds from my other corn which is not far enough i know, but thats all the room i have. I have been growing popcorn for quite a few years at about the same distance and saving those seeds with good results. i read that corn also gets inbred easily so I save the kernels from many different ears. fingers crossed


      1. Right on. We have field corn all over the place and I’m curious how folks have take precautions. I’m seen the tassel and silk bags, but those seem pricey…


  2. So beautiful! My son tried to grow some for me a few years ago with no success but I would love to have another go at it in particular because you had such great results!!!


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