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Making a Home Made Pizza will help you find your happy place

It’s that time of year, when the calendar says it’s spring, but here in the Northeast, it can be more like a guessing game and true spring-like weather can still be months away. Cold temps and snow in March make for a very long winter. And for those of us deeply affected, the vitamin D… Continue reading Making a Home Made Pizza will help you find your happy place

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Making the Perfect Italian Sausage

Often when things quiet down for a minute on the homestead, we take on a new challenge.  This usually happens in late winter, when we have had enough of the snow. We just want to stay by the wood stove drinking coffee all day.  A few years back we decided to try our hand at… Continue reading Making the Perfect Italian Sausage

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Homemade Antipasto Pizza for Game day

Homemade Pizza Aside from the kneeling,  the concussion protocol, and all around poor officiating,  there are still a few things we love about game day.  Around here game day usually doesn't start until dark.  There is always a lot to do here and we would prefer to be outside on a Sunday instead of in… Continue reading Homemade Antipasto Pizza for Game day