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What Butcher Day is Really Like

Today on the homestead was one of those tough days that only those who live a similar lifestyle to us would understand. It’s butcher day. We have not been able to cross into butchering our own pigs, but that is not to say that someday we might, but not today. Pigs are very smart animals. They respond to your voice,

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Marge’s New Home

Free time affects everyone differently. Some binge watch, some cook, some hike or fish, but here, we build.  It seems like every time we catch up, we find a new project to keep us busy and improve the function of the homestead.  Because of the current shutdown, we have found ourselves with additional time to devote to the homestead.  In

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The Story Of Marge: The Stubborn, and Very Lucky, Pig

  This is Marge our newest fixture on the homestead.  She is one special pig and life here wouldn’t be the same without her. Marge has changed the way we homestead forever, but that was not the plan when we picked her and her brother and sister up from a local farmer.  For the last several years we have raised

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