Freezing Kale, The Test of a Marriage

9 thoughts on “Freezing Kale, The Test of a Marriage”

    1. Great blog! That’s A LOT of work, but what a payoff when it’s time to make a home cooked meal. Your handwork and determination is like one other. What an amazing family! Big ups to TBH…y’all rock!

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  1. Love a good story. I have ALWAYS wanted a detailed post about what to do with all that kale. Thank you! From a city girl who didn’t even know what kale looked like before I started growing it! Still a city girl with a huge front yard garden! Hard to know what to do with stuff when you have been eating out of a box as a kid! Thank you! I am subscibing and featuring you in the blog hop this week. Blessings, Dash


    1. Thank you so much sounds like you have caught the bug there is nothing better than a winter meal made with veggies from your summers garden. So happy to know there are so many like minded people out there !!!! Happy homesteading


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