Cancel Your Netflix Subscription and Make Your Own Memories

10 thoughts on “Cancel Your Netflix Subscription and Make Your Own Memories”

  1. Thanks for sharing your day with us. I remember finding so many old medicine bottles walking the woods on my grandparents farm in southern Indiana. You are so right about the feeling of wasting a day on earth when in front of the screen all day.


  2. I consider those kinds of wandering treasure hunts! Great finds to get the imagination working 🙂


  3. I love going on long adventures > Netflix. I, too, often wonder the origin of scrap that I come across and think about how it was used in it’s lifetime. Thank you for sharing!


  4. We cut the cable cord several years ago and nearly three years ago when we moved to our homestead we discovered that we don’t receive any TV channels. Add to that the fact that Netflix doesn’t run very well on satellite and the end result is a near media blackout for us for the past three years….and I couldn’t be happier. Anything really newsworthy typically travels quickly by word of mouth anyway and the rest is just noise. Every so often we will check a video out at the library, but other than that, nature is our entertainment selection of choice.

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