Homestead failure is not always what it seems

13 thoughts on “Homestead failure is not always what it seems”

  1. That is the darkest raw honey I’ve ever seen! Beautiful! Sorry for your bee loss. I have my first hive ready to go. I’ve moved swarms over the years from places at work to the woods, but this year I am going to relocate a swarm to the hive and see what happens….may ask for some advice later….


  2. I wonder how the bees in the wild fared? Will those living in the hollow of an old tree fare any better? They must, since we had temperatures below minus 20 degrees in the past. Wild honey bees are stressed but I saw more of them last summer than I have seen in years. Similar with Monach butterflies. I saw many of them last year. Quite an exciting change . Maybe the cold weather will kill back the wooley adelgid on hemlocks and delay the spread of the emerald ash borer!


  3. I’m finding that overwintering in smaller hive setups is working much better for me in PA. Only 4 of my 20 are in two boxes, the rest are in one. One is even in a “fiber pot” swarm trap. We had that -22° stretch here too. So far, all are alive with no treatments at all ever. Something to try maybe. I like that you use the small cell frames too. I use them in the brood area only.


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