My New Found Relationship with Beets

its a good time for this one beets are looking good in the garden

two branches homestead


As the winter begins to wear on,  I often think about warmer weather and the past summer.  Sometimes I scroll through our pictures on cold days, usually looking at pictures of our homestead, and I am always drawn to pictures of food.  Today I stumbled upon this picture and it drew my attention immediately.  It looked like comfort food, like something I’d love to eat on a cold day.  I remembered the story of how this meal came to be.  Sometimes a meal is an old favorite, and sometimes it is a conscious decision to try something new, but this meal was a little different.  One day I posted a picture on Instagram of some beautiful beets that we had grown.

I always boiled beets and loved them prepared that way.  But one of my IG friends suggested that I roast them.  So I decided to try some roasted beets. …

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4 thoughts on “My New Found Relationship with Beets”

  1. We just harvested all of our beets a couple of days ago and were able to pickle approximately 12 pints with enough left over for frying up with onions for supper. We love beets and have already decided that we will be at minimum doubling the size of our beet bed next year.


      1. I was hoping to have enough to slice and freeze for the winter, but I’m going to have to hit up the farmers market to stock up for this year. Have you tried golden beets? We grew a beet blend this year and fried them up separately to compare the flavor to the red beets – they were fantastic and even sweeter than the reds.


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