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Homemade Antipasto Pizza for Game day

Homemade Pizza Aside from the kneeling,  the concussion protocol, and all around poor officiating,  there are still a few things we love about game day.  Around here game day usually doesn't start until dark.  There is always a lot to do here and we would prefer to be outside on a Sunday instead of in… Continue reading Homemade Antipasto Pizza for Game day

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Spring is in the air and we are tapping

Nothing makes me happier than tapping maple trees.  It is always a sign that warmer weather is on the horizon.  It may not be for another month, but you know its coming.  The days are getting longer, and the sun feels just a little warmer.  Usually we tap trees in early February.  However, in the… Continue reading Spring is in the air and we are tapping

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Firewood the story of the Holzhaufen

  Years ago when I was a kid, my parents installed a wood stove in our house.  We always had a fireplace but this was just a bit different. For one, it actually heated the house.  I'm sure it offset our heating bill in some way, but I was too young to care about that. … Continue reading Firewood the story of the Holzhaufen

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Backyard chickens and fresh eggs

For as long as I can remember we grew a garden.  Over the years the garden grew and grew.  We now garden over 4000 square feet of land.  But we never really had a homestead until the day we decided to add chickens to our property.   They say that chickens are a gateway animal and… Continue reading Backyard chickens and fresh eggs

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Keeping Honey Bees

getting started A few years ago we decided to add honey bees to our homestead.  We had noticed that they were absent from our garden and small orchard.  And after a few years of poor apple crops we decided to take matters into our own hands.  After months of research we took the plunge and… Continue reading Keeping Honey Bees